Friday, October 22, 2010

Vacation Time !!

For me,visiting new places and meeting new people is a journey of the senses-Apart from taking in the obvious sights,I make it a point not to miss out on the not-so-obvious things which different places has to offer..From the rural to the urban,wherever I go-I seek out the subtleties and thru' them,get a feel of where I am and differentiate it from other places I've been to or will be in the future..I feel an emptiness until I've the tasted the food which characterises a particular town or bought the amber honey from the local apiary if I'm in a rural setting..For,even if you don't get to know people personally,it is through these,you get a glimpse into their daily lives..And for me,no trip is complete,until you have smelled the musty trees,watched how the glinting sun changes the colors of the leaves,listened to the tune of the brook jumping it's way over the stones,identified some flowers,trees or birds,savoured the local-made cheese or farm-grown Shiitakes..And done all these things over and above taking the day tours on a hop-on,hop-off bus...

And I'm about to embark on one such journey of the senses-One of the longest I've taken in a while...
It's time for me to shut down my kitchen,pack some suitcases,jot down some plans ..'coz friends-I'm taking some time off  and going on a vacation..Have fun everyone..See you soon !!


Wednesday, October 6, 2010


 Flowers....make me happy....I smile at them, and they seem to smile back at me :)

Growing in bushes and hedges..Lantana is always such a welcome sight...

Our own Hibiscus...from our balcony garden....

Yellow Poinciana is just as pretty as the red ones...

I love the yellow star among all the pink..This is from my Mom's garden.

I just love lilies..With Lilies around, the house always smell so nice  !!

What says " romance " better than Magnolia ?? 

Had to stop on our way to Grand Canyon to take this picture...Absolute burst of colors..

These remind me of my Ma's Cacti collection-She had more than 200 varieties of cactus, many of which bloomed in summer..

One of my favorite shots from Grand Canyon,West Rim

As you can see very well, I had a hard time in selecting only a few from all the shots of different flowers I had.....Hope you like them :)
This is off to SIMPLICITY  ..Thanks for hosting such a " Flower" - y challenge !! 

Friday, October 1, 2010

My First Award

This morning I opened my emails and found out that I've received an award-My 1st one..Oh my god !! I'm so excited- I got my first blog award :-) 
I want to thank Soumya  (Check out her beautiful blog )  for considering me worthy of an award and for sharing her award with me ..This means a lot to me !!

Thanks a lot to all my readers and followers ....Have a nice day and great weekend everyone !!