Tuesday, September 21, 2010


My interpretations of the items of the Scavenger Hunt Sunday Event on Ashley Sisk's blog ( see here  ). She's a great photographer and I'm so happy to get an oppurtunity to take part in such an event..Thanks to Ashley and to Kamalika ( visit her blog here ) as well,because of whom I came to know of such an event in the first place !!
My interpretations of the items :-
  • Wish / Dream
  • Clean
  • Currency
  • Pair
  • Square   

1.Wish /Dream
Wishing I could go back to my hometown,take an early morning boat ride in the nearby river,which runs along our house..

My very cute broom,which keeps my bed clean ..

I got this coin bag from a boutique in India...Love to keep my quarters in it !!


A pair of Mottled Duck,feeding in the poodle formed by the fresh rain..

Very handy when I need to weigh my baggages before a trip....Reminds me of the times when I go home !!

 Hope you liked my photographs...Thanks a lot !!