Sunday, July 11, 2010

~ Impression of a lifetime ~

So many things shape the mind,actions,thoughts and life of a child-Parents,environment,school,friends…and sometimes very importantly-the teachers…So much so that, sometimes they form a lasting impression on their minds and stay with them throughout their lives.....Something like this had happened to me ~ ~

I have been lucky of being a teacher’s pet most of my life and have received that special attention from them during my school days.Those fond memories are still with me…And I always thought-That was it – Until one day,I woke up after a night of dejection and gloom,and felt rejuvenated-The reason being one very strange dream,the one which took me back to the yesteryear -and that dream gradually came back to me as the day unfolded itself ..

I was back in school-One of my favorite teachers from high school was reading out one of my papers in front of the whole class and then afterwards,she encouraged me and told me something which stuck with me…As always,she appreciated me and professed her immense faith and pride in me, and then she encouraged me..of things I’m capable of,of things she expects from me …This particular teacher-I was in awe of her..And as if she was the only one who could pull me out of my temporary state of dispirit ..And on this particular date,when I felt down,she came back from my past and cheered me up,reminding me of my true potential !!

It was so strange to realize all of a sudden that although a certain person had some place in your mind and heart, she can have so much influence on you,that in your subtlest moments,in your subconscious state of mind…that person stealthily creeps back from the long gone past, and with a few right words can bring you right back up on your feet !!