Friday, February 26, 2010


I love to wear white- there is a placidness to the color, there is a certain sense of purity in it. I love black too- like white, it bears a certain respect and dignity, it speaks for itself, it’s bold and powerful. But would paintings be fun, if we had only these two colors to express ourselves; Would Holi still have it’s individuality and significance, if there were no colors except black and white; Will nature still be so beautiful with everything painted in black or white ?
The answer for most of us perhaps will be the same. Today, just 3 days away from Holi ( 1st March ) and 2 days from Doljatra ( 28th Feb ) - I started pondering about the meaning and relation which colors have for us, in our day to day life.Colors not only are an important ingredient to the sensation of sight, but they render us memories pertaining to various aspects and phases of our life. It is indispensable for stimulating our different senses and hence making our life constantly full of diversity, as well as festal from time to time…..

Today being in a “ Holi “ state of mind , a myriad collection of colors are afloat in my mind's eyes…Spring is almost here and those Palash (Dhak) trees along the winding village roads must be abloom ..and if I had been there, I would have asked baba to stop the car, and like always, would have gotten off to gather as many Palash as I could, strewn along those roadsides……..