Friday, August 6, 2010

~ ~ Sounds of Silence ~ ~

Deprivation of this sound of silence,atleast for this part of the day,would perhaps drive me crazy...The stillness of the water...agitated occasionally by sudden ripples and a “blob-glob“ sound of something dropping  from those trees, hugging the banks of the lake…..And sometimes  a bird cries out from somewhere,breaking the deep silence ….Or the sombre tune of the  lull- not even a leaf is shaking - followed by the pitter-patter of the raindrops,out of nowhere...Or a sudden splash,bringing you back to the present - A turtle slid back into the waters..The call of crickets, signaling the oncoming dusk ~ These are sounds orchestrated by nature ~ All these sounds,piercing the silence..are agreeable to me….. And as the darkness draws in, the unfathomable sound of the dark,grave waters and the macrocosm gone to rest,for the day...energizing for morrow’s mundane affairs ~

I want the rest of the world-who are awake and busy, to keep quiet,put their systems on idle-atleast for this part of the day…and listen to these sounds ~ ~

* * Moonlight Sonata * *

One of my favorites by Ludwig Beethoven…transports you to a different world and can  actually make you feel like watching the moonlight shining on Lake Lucerne when you listen to this composition…
Moon…keep on gazing at her for hours and yet,it won’t be enough to solve her mystery !! She’s enshrouded with pure alluring enigma which keeps you pulling towards her and makes you come back for more-You never feel you are done with the moon, even after all these years  ~ ~
Who isn’t attracted to the profound virgin beauty of the  moon-Although they say that even the moon has blemishes on her face, the enticement she’s been creating on everyone’s inner senses is not marred to the least !!  The poets,the painters to the young girl who has just started to blossom.- one and all has sung for her,about her  and will continue to do so for many more years to come……

Like Keats had written in “ The song of Wandering Aengus “  - “ The Silver apples of the moon…”   ..we are well aware that every being is beautified under the spell of those silvery moonbeams …Your Lady love or the lady of your dreams,when she comes out in the balcony on a full moon night, steals away the last word from your mouth ~

I have awaited to watch the full moon rise, through the boughs, huge,round and orange – Those were some nights  ~ ~ I’ve watched her gradually and magically turn the waters of the reservoir in front of our house into one silvery,shimmering body,as she climbed higher up in the inky blue sky ~ ~  I’ve driven down many highways, with the moon by my side,high up in the sky , playing hide and seek with the clouds …and I had begged earnestly for one last look at her glorious face ~ ~ I had experienced the rare occurrence of a blue moon once…and also of the colossal red moon of Dev Deepawali,rising from the waters of the Ganges …while the ghats are adorned with hundreds and thousands of earthen lamps…and the temple bells chiming at their fullest ~ ~ A boat ride followed by some time spent on the alluvial sands of the Ganges,on a full moon ~ ~  I had played with the moonbeams flooding my bed through the bedside window, on a full moon night ~ ~ I had sung many songs on many holi purnimas, when our rooftop had been painted in those shades of silver ~ ~ The full moon of summer,intoxicating as she is, accessorized with the smells from the tuberose and jasmine ……Yes, I had been there, gotten drunk in those exhilarating moments and felt elated ~ ~

The smallest sensualisms derived from natural beauties sometimes gets lost in the battle of life or with so-called modernizations, so much so that you are forced to enjoy those same things in a different scenario- My bed doesn’t get awash with those rays anymore…and I jump at the littlest rare silver I find in my balcony on the full moon nights..I’ve derived happiness from the full moon over the Niagara Falls..and often just from knowing that the moon will be at her fullest on so and so date ….

But I still love her..she’s here and she will always be wherever I’ll be ~ And so will the memories and happinesses that bind us together ~ ~ * ~ ~