Sunday, July 25, 2010

The overlook !!

The hanging balcony,the round balcony running around the perimeter of the house or the straight balcony along the front of the house-Whatever it is, I absolutely need to have a balcony…they are my breathing spaces....They are my refuge from the present and a time machine to my past ..These jutting out structures- I hold so dear to me,without them I feel like asphyxiating ..Whatever a balcony was to Juliet,it couldn’t have been less for me !! Whatever a balcony was to Monet, it was almost the same for me with let’s say a “ minor “ difference- I cannot wield the brush like he did,but that didn’t stop me from painting a thousand suns and moons,of the ablaze sky and trees- all in the empty canvases of my mind….How else would I dream of catching hold of those fluffed up clouds and want to feel their texture between my fingers,if I haven’t had a balcony to call my own ???