Sunday, May 16, 2010

Adios to an affinity !!

Although it is said “ parting is such sweet sorrow “, it’s not always true…All the partings are not sweet, because most of them don’t ensure us that we’ll meet again !! We spend so much time in building up a relationship with someone, and then although it’s not lost completely, it’s lessened by a remarkable level when there is a separation…A relationship- an intricate weaving of love,thoughts,memories ..Why do we build them when we might have to lose them eventually ?

When you fall in love, you fall heels over head….And then sometimes you lose that love…You may be happy again, but you never forget !! Although time- the great healer passes over you, it doesn’t always heal and neither lets you forget…And, everytime you fall in love again, it’ll be because something in the person reminds you of your lost love…

A relationship is not always judged by the length of time but by the magnitude of feelings…And parting with someone whom you might have known for years might be sometimes easier than parting with a friend of a few days !!