Wednesday, July 7, 2010

~ ~ Inconspicuous

Saw a fallen branch on the banks..and went down to take the clean shot,which I was unable to get from my balcony

~ And when I was done with the conspicuous, my eyes caught the inconspicuous beauties of nature, which we happen to trample so often ~

I walk on these grasses every day, I look at this lawn,this bank daily-but still my inquisitive mind and exploring eyes have overlooked them……

I came upon so many different kinds of vines and saplings…vibrant green in their proud new self - There were humble blooms among the grasses,flowers of the growths that we often call “ weeds “ - Only if you look closer, you’ll notice their real nature, and know that such little beings can be so pretty,so bewitching……

There is so much quality in the macrocosm- so much richness flourishing in the sods ~ Seldom do we care to look for them…but when we do come across them, we grow to love them and eventually happen to contemplate the beauty and variety of miniscule beings, the roles they play in this whole existence…in their lives and our lives and the lives of the zillion other critters ~ ~