Thursday, August 5, 2010

~ ~ Stuck on you ~ ~

On tiptoes, he came…stealthily…slowly….Gradually walking the sidewalks until he treaded into the main streets of her life …and every cells of her being,even the teeny-tiny ones, soaked him up like a sponge soaks up water and plumps up…He fattened her up with his love and life was never the same as before..It was deeper, heavier and soggy with those special touches…Like the all-encompassing rush of waves on a beach,which sweeps everything away with it, she kept drowning in the those bigger and smaller manifestations which cries out being in love !! Just like a secret hole keeps sneaking out stuffs,much to one’s annoyance,her life was full albeit the presence of one big surreptitious hollow- One which can only be plugged shut by the multi-dimensional magic called love.. and shut it did !!

And she felt like ~ ~  ~ ~

When it rains...I imagine it wetting ur lips like drops of water on a rose ~
The smell of long-awaited raindrops on the parched earth reminds me of u...
The twilight, with it's orange-pink hue....tries to brighten my world..but why do I still miss u ?  The starlit night , is always so lonely even with thousands of stars smiling down at me …

And the moon .....
Ohh..It proves once again -nothing can be beautiful on it's own..
For beauty lies in the eyes of a beholder….

Words come to my mind but it feels like my quill is dried off ink ….
Why am I at a loss of words? Is it ur memories or ur absence ?
The presence of ur absence makes everything so distinct…..
That I can hear my heart crying….my breath sighing, my soul pining for u ...

So come back once again..
And let those smells mingle and be one to me..
So that stars don’t mock me and the moon ....
So that words come flowing ..
So that I can fly on the wings of love ~ ~
And when you are here,  the twilight will seem faded and bleached ......
Because of the color of ur love which will paint my world with all the vibrance of  passion and bliss !!

You see…I’m stuck on you….eternally ~ ~

While I dry !!

It’s been 3 days and I’m still a little damp- I miss the sun on this side of the lake…It took me half a day to dry on the other side,with a little help from all the outpouring,unbearable sunrays all day long......Her plans of making lentil dumplings,the traditional sundried way-stayed in black and white – I sensed her regrets for having wasted all that sun,heat and all those sunny days which she could have utilized…..

But, I’m getting used to be on this side now..and she will too..She had been watching over the changing shades of the waters with the shifting sun …the vanishing and emerging reflections of the objects bordering the banks …and the change in the fluidity,from placid to it’s soft flow and ripples ..  and she would love to watch them now from here….while I await to dry !!