Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Mask

How much do we hide in our daily life ? How much of a mask do we wear ? The people we meet everyday or those we think of as near and dear,confide in,believe to be faithful and trustworthy-how much can we trust them actually ? How much should they trust us  ? Don’t I wear a mask from time to time ? Don’t we feign friendship with people whom we might not like ? Aren’t we,the women-the master artistes ?
Women are taught to be hypocrites-they should mask their feelings-their sorrow,their dissatisfaction,their pain-instead of opining on some matter,they should act dumb-they should act as if everything is well and good-that she’s happy,as long as the sun rises in the east and sets in the west !!
Then how can someone judge a woman for being the hypocrite she is,when the same society teaches her to be so ? On one hand , society wants a woman to wear a mask – only a mask can make a woman perfect in all aspects…No displays of emotions,of any kind is the way to be..And then,when time comes-the same woman can be railed against for being bit of a pretender. Times have changed a lot, but certain norms of society hasn’t !!
As a woman,how much do we judge another of our own sex ?  On one hand,we pretend to be all for feminism..and then,we find faults and shortcoming of others..A woman who have gone through emotional distress and sufferings at the hands of another, eventually behaves the same way when her time comes to take a leading role in the family – I wonder,why not think for minute to reminisce about how she had felt  and find out ways to better the new relations in her life,to be a different person-After all,shouldn’t we all learn from our pains and sufferings ??
Should we continue wearing the mask,for better or for worse ? Should we keep masking our feelings,to bring true happiness for someone else,although we might be as virtually happy as someone can be....And which might in the long run,make all of us terribly unhappy ?!