Thursday, August 26, 2010

~ ~ To have and to hold ~ ~

The boughs hanged low,very near to her..they were stretching out towards her..looking all grand in their green opulence…The verdure animated her emotions…And in a sudden moment of revelation,she realized what she was missing..She was missing that special someone,who would hold her hand whenever she outstretched her own towards that person,in joy,in sorrow,in fear,in apprehension…in times of need-happy or sad..These sturdy limbs were in a way telling her to find that special someone…or more so,find friends to lighten up this darkness that’s been prevailing and hanging low,in her life !! And simultaneous to this revealing moment,the thunder clapped loudly with a sudden gust of wind rustling it’s way through the foliage-almost like in a movie,which made her smile …She decided to find those gems of life,in the little flashes-whenever there would be a lightning on a overcast day !!

The touch !!

The kissing touch of a dewdrop which might open a bud and glisten the blades of grass, the touch of the sun which brightens things up, the touch of a bee that can transform a flower to a fruit ,the touch of an artist which gives finesse to an art, the loving touch of appreciation left by someone, caressing touch of the breeze cooling you down-on a hot summer day,the touching  words of support,even from a stranger-which soothes you to the core and calms you, the touch of a mother which soothes her baby-even if the baby’s 40 yrs old now...There are so many different manifestations of that word and so many different ways that word can affect someone or something...Let that touch , touch you..Let you be touched by that effectual touch…..