Monday, May 31, 2010

The Marriage of Smoke and Time

A grill …the instrument which plays a perfect tune to my hungry mind ~ All u need to do is to dress up ur fav or not-so-favorite stuff to eat & throw it on the screaming hot grill….and let it do it’s magic ~ Hear to the music the grill plays for u…the symphony to my ears ~ the sizzle, the crackle and…. the smell, which rounds everything up. And in case u r lucky enough to be the owner of an outdoor grill with a lid… lo and behold~ there’s “ The Marriage of Smoke and Time “ for u ~ I don’t have one but I plan to,bcoz that marriage is one I absolutely do need to perform and preside over !! For the time-being, I’m planning to keep practising on my little indoor grill pan which I hold very dear to my heart ~