Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Global warming and dwindling natural resources has already been successful in creating a pressure on our planet…then comes the recession-adding up to the prices of commodities, with number of jobless people on the rise resulting in lesser people who can afford to survive properly…Now, the oil spill- seafood prices will increase, fishing industry going down already,people again lose their livelihood with bans on fishing and shrimping..Nature’s way of showing that something is amiss and God’s way of showing his wrath ???????? Think about it !!

Diary of an onlooker

As I stare at those birds and dragonflies, or focus my camera onto them…they don’t have a clue that I’m trying to intrude into their private lives. For so long, the door to my balcony has been my window to the world…So many dusks have I spent, sitting in the balcony or standing on the threshold, looking out at the world as another day came to an end !! I wondered about so many things, but the most being about the beauty and peace abounding around me,at this time of the day…of the happiness I feel when I close my eyes and let the wind caress my hair….the rustling of the Sabal fans, the buzzing of the dragonflies, the tweets,chirps and varied sounds of the birds, the house swifts fluttering around and occasional sounds of the mechanical birds-on their downward flight to Fort Lauderdale airport !!

Everyone seems busy retiring in their own impassive manner. Although I’m totally slumped at this time, the retiring world out there perks me up..We are so bored with our daily mundane affairs, yet we find so much pleasure looking at the modus operandi of the birds,bees and trees…They are doing the same thing day in , day out- looking for food,breeding,looking after the young hatchlings or for the plants- growing, flowering,pollinating,bearing fruits,surviving the seasons.-Do they complain as much as we do ? Does the woodpecker get bored and tired of all the knocking it has to do for such a small bird ? Well, we’ll never know and yet we admire their daily routine and envy them for having such a beautiful life.

Now, the newfound hobbies of mine have provided me with a totally different perspective to the world outside my balcony …I appreciate the wordly chores that has been assigned to each one of us and understand that for the larger machine to go on, we have to play our parts, no matter how much of a drudgery it might be !!