Monday, July 5, 2010

Bedazzled by the aura !!

We all sat there,that evening,in the darkness and waited for the display to begin-And even though I have seen it many times still seemed to transport me to a diff world-mesmerizing world of fantastical romance ..I mean, how beautiful can this get ? The lapping waves, it’s foam barely visible, the strange seductive hissing sound of the waves……the bright shimmering water,due to the reflections…and the changing colors of the shimmering waters-with the colors of the fireworks above !! All the blinding lights from the nearby hotels couldn’t mar a bit of this experience.

We talked about the Diwali celebrations back home~ everyone chipping in their childhood memories, who preferred what kind of fireworks,whose caliber was upto which level-Starting from “ tara baaji “, “ rong Moshal “ to “ Kali Potka “, “ Choc Bomb “,” Rocket “ etc…

Then we inhaled deeply – The wind has brought a very familiar smell towards us-that of the burnt-out fireworks, which we all seemed to devour

And lastly, my wandering & always anxious mind thought of an inevitable thought-how much pollution does all these fireworks,all these smoke and fume cause each yr ? How much poison are we inhaling ? How much damage are we doing just by being mesmerized by this, just by loving this and looking forward to this event, every yr ????