Sunday, August 15, 2010

Surprise,surprise !!

Anything that has a surprise is appealing to me...I love surprises. Anything which doesn't give away it's actual character by it's outer appearance or anything which gives a certain impression but has a sweet bitter surprise awaiting for you when you happen to delve deeper into it's realm..I love them..They make me smile,feel happy and leave me a-thinking....More so if it's food..Yeah, now I'm talking my language and my favorite one- Food..U take a spoonful of deep dark choc icecream and u find small chocolate discs...Like the havoc which a sip of margarita  plays on your taste buds, when it commingles with the salt-kissed rim..There's nothing like the magic certain foods can create n how they interact with the buddy buds-Mix of the usual with the unusual...Chocolate with raspberry..Hot stuffed parathas dipped in cool cool yogurt...And what about the bitter surprise left by the weird-inside-of-a-brain shaped walnut, when all the chewing's done and it's good to go down the food pipe ? Boy,do I love that tune !!