Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Departure

The boat left, too soon, too early and I couldn’t stop it. The flower shriveled up before I could stop it …The sun set and I couldn’t save the auburn shades for myself. So many things happen in life which we can’t stop or save for later, as life itself. The moments lost are lost forever, the steps we tread today are difficult to be retraced, the smiles and laughters of today stay only in memory boxes of our minds. The seasons change and the cycle of life goes on. Twilight leads the way for the sensuous dusk…and we hope for a brighter tomorrow. We know another day will arrive and try to erase thoughts of yesterday’s apprehensions …But every departure doesn’t coincide with amelioration !! How do we cope with such departures ? How do we get over those departures that are too soon or however natural, are too difficult to bear ?