Friday, March 19, 2010


Is food,water and oxygen more important than Hope for survival ? When the fittest wants to survive, what does he look for more?

Isn’t Hope all we can ever do- hope for the good, hope for the best, hope for the better. Hope that things won’t fall apart, hope that us will always be “ us “ and not “I & you“. Hope for a sunny day after periods of rain, hope for rain after periods of scorching sun….

But what happens when there’s no room to hope- when it’s inconceivable? When a person knows his inescapable future…and there is no desiring for otherwise !!

Can a person,who has been denied of the light of this world, hope that someday he’ll know what the different colors look like? How does he survive each day or does he still hold on to futile hope, only to survive?

What was the significance of the word “ HOPE” for Anne Frank and other innocent victims of the Holocaust ? Did they hope of a better tomorrow when they will no longer be branded as sub-humans? Or did they run out of it ?