Wednesday, October 6, 2010


 Flowers....make me happy....I smile at them, and they seem to smile back at me :)

Growing in bushes and hedges..Lantana is always such a welcome sight...

Our own Hibiscus...from our balcony garden....

Yellow Poinciana is just as pretty as the red ones...

I love the yellow star among all the pink..This is from my Mom's garden.

I just love lilies..With Lilies around, the house always smell so nice  !!

What says " romance " better than Magnolia ?? 

Had to stop on our way to Grand Canyon to take this picture...Absolute burst of colors..

These remind me of my Ma's Cacti collection-She had more than 200 varieties of cactus, many of which bloomed in summer..

One of my favorite shots from Grand Canyon,West Rim

As you can see very well, I had a hard time in selecting only a few from all the shots of different flowers I had.....Hope you like them :)
This is off to SIMPLICITY  ..Thanks for hosting such a " Flower" - y challenge !!