Monday, May 10, 2010

The story of the dragonfly !!

There are a lot of dragonflies, flying around, this time of the yr....Since my childhood days, I always associated dragonflies with the impending rain..don’t know till this day if there is any real connection- but even today whenever I see swarm of dragonflies flying around, in my mind I think “ It’s going to rain !! “.. I have been wanting to photograph one …and just today, as I was finishing up my work in the kitchen, I saw two of them-from my kitchen window…about 150 ft away..Yeah, u can say I have sharp eyes, even with my specs..Dropping everything I was doing, I got my camera and rushed outside, went down a few stairs to get a clearer view and zoomed on to them as much as possible..It was windy and the branches of the palms were swaying too much, making it even more difficult in the zoomed situation ..Anyways, I managed to take a few photos, before they planned to change their position…and I’m happy !!

I looked up dragonflies on the net and found that like “ birding “, which I’m a great fan of, people pursue looking at dragonflies as a hobby and is called “ oding “ !! Now, isn’t that cool ?!

The bridge to the other side !!

Take me to the other side …where there is that missing romance,passion,love !! Where there is respect and eternal bliss ….take me to that land of ethereal happiness.

“If I had but an hour of love,
If that be all it’s given me.
An hour of love; upon this earth,
I would give my love to thee.”