Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The larger machine !!

We Live in our own ecosystem and then again we are intricately connected to the larger machine out there, the larger ecosystem !! As we think of us, our parents, our relatives, our children-born or yet to be born…of our own good and bad, we forget about the world outside. We forget to worry about the larger ecosystem which sustains us and which we belong to. We have built a nice interconnected world of our own with friends and foes , with blood and non-blood relations around us. We are constantly concerned for our well-being and to be socially accepted, to sustain this network that we have built. But in this process, are we sustainably managing our relationship with the larger machine ? Just as everything we do has an impact on our relationship with others, our actions has irreversible impacts on our world, the results of which we are already experiencing in our day to day life..When I came to know of the drought certain parts of my country has experienced last summer, when I learnt a couple of days back that the summer is already showing it’s wrath in India, I wondered…Along with feeling miserable for my near and dear ones, who have to go out everyday, without ACs in their cars, shop in stores that don’t have ACs and just live this daily life in this heat wave, I wondered - Is this larger machine showing it’s anger in this way, like someone close, someone who have been denied our love and neglected for long ? We humans, in the process of being perfect socially and otherwise, lost all connections with one of our important relatives. Now, we are to suffer the outcome …Is it too late for salvation ? Is it too late to acknowledge mea maxima culpa ??