Friday, September 17, 2010

The flock ~

I’m still waiting for that sunshine…I’m looking for it,if you’ll believe me..While I’m on the road,driving ..I’m looking out..When I’m outside,in my balcony-I’m searching for it…Only yesterday,I was waiting for the lights to turn green –and I was looking at the clouds-They are almost there,to that texture ,look and feel which I want them to get in the Puja-mood..It’s almost there,but not quite.Something’s still missing and I’m not satisfied till they are perfect..But something beautiful happened,when I was staring at those beautiful white clouds,spread out like cotton ,when beaten up with a bow..The entire canvas of the sky was full of these fluffy clouds and then suddenly two different flocks of doves , from two parallel overhead wires stirred up…and took a beautiful flight of fantasy…They floated around for quite sometime,in wave-like movements,dancing around in the afternoon sun..I was uncommonly happy that the signal was taking it’s time to turn to green..They made swoops and glides in unison,as if dancing to some beautiful classical music,inaudible to me but audible to the sky,those clouds,the trees,the air..and whole of the big,wide world.. And then they gradually alighted back on those man-made wires..

This beautiful sight made me happy ,although a bit sad because I couldn’t capture this moment in my camera..But I felt refreshed nonetheless…

When I came to think of it,I realised how little things can make you happy and how less you need to be happy,even for a little bit,everyday !!