Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Fall

The Fall …the first thing which comes to your mind is typically of the season “ Autumn “, without any sort of disambiguation ..But does your mind travel like mine, when you hear the word “ Fall “ ? Last night, I pondered at length, overcome by sleeplessness and let my mind be a vagabond…

The fall of man as in the story of Adam and Eve…The gradual “ falling “ into you, since the time I first met you ..She’s going back to school this fall …as in the school semester ..

Humpty-Dumpty had a great fall …a waterfall …the fall of physics which pertains to free fall of gravity

So many ways to fall and the fear of falling, of losing something, losing your position, your treasures-material and emotional …falling of a kingdom, of a nation , of a government, fear of falling out over something with someone…..Or on a happier note, the leaves falling in autumn – “ The Fall “ – the majestic beauty of the deciduous trees, turning vibrant red,orange,yellow …and then shedding ..People traveling for miles, to get a glimpse of the autumn foliage colors during that time, from places where nature is missing such whimsical paintings by God.

On our visit to Colorado, a couple of years back, we didn’t actually get to see the fall colors, because we went during the wrong time of the year, but I got myself something, which is quite a treasure- early fall leaves of Aspen trees-framed and preserved in wax..The sheer thought of such beauty, gives me such a thrill…almost as if, I can see rows of Aspen trees in their full glory, during the fall season , with sun hitting them at the right angles, making them ever so beautiful to look at..No wonder John Denver fell in love with Aspen...We have always lived in such parts of the states where the fall season rarely visits and hence there’s no distinct color, although while we were in Texas, we came across some oaks which changed into red during that time of the year …

The thoughts of camping in a state park , during Fall …or gathering fall leaves and putting them in my scrapbook, which I did, with whatever meager supply I could gather in poorly fall of Texas …

And so on and so forth, with my mind adrift ….until I finally caught some Z’s…….


  1. few falling thoughts of mind, haan? good one

  2. Yes indeed...the word "fall" gives way to so much of thought.Good work.Keep going.