Saturday, June 19, 2010

In love ~ ~

Been in love with so much and then gradually out of love with so many of them ~

But, books and food have been the eternal love of my life till date ~

I’m totally, obsessively in love with both of them…so much so that, even after piling up a few to read and no time to finish them all, I keep on hovering around the stacks in the local library…just to look at those objects of my absolute affection !! So much so that ….even after exhausting every piece of paper I could possibly find, with recipes…I still look for more,on a daily basis !!

And the love manifests itself in so many ways ~ ~

In love with the discussions I have or plan to have-with people who share my interest ~ with mom about the world cuisine and with dad about Chekov and Nemirivsky !!

Then there’s the sudden crimson tide in my sky and watching “ Un long dimanche de fiancailles “ ( “ A Very Long Engagement “ ) ..And then there’s the afternoon tea and a book, and some reflections,with some simmering thoughts, agitating slightly.

So much to love and so little time ~ ~

The golden flood of my morning sun,when the curtains are pulled open...and the thoughts of a book to read ….with contemplating breaks~ looking out at the misty mountainscape or the swaying wheat fields outside ur train window, or the rolling meadows….yellow with the harvest season written all over it ~ ~

In love with a cozy nook,where I can see the water or the sky or the combination of both…of the white clouds of hope and gray clouds of apprehension ….In love with a sunny solarium, overlooking the lotus pond,where the Koi fleets around or the woods,dark & deep ~ and all these….with books, books I love or would love to read....…..

In love with the colorful bazaars of Morocco,where I can buy all the spices of my dreams and cook the authentic food…In love with the opulent lands of Italy,France, Sardinia and others…where I can pick up the fennel and artichoke at their best, touch and feel the fleur de sel off the coast of Brittany or smell the lavender off the bouquet garni…..and cook ….just cook to my heart’s desire !!

In love with having a croissant & jam at a streetside bistro in rural France or the heavenly Pizza Margherita & Zeppole in Naples, Italy…. and feel at peace with myself ~ ~

In love ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ with having a sumptuous life ~ an eternal love affair of my senses ~

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