Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Questions, unanswered !!

Who am I ? How do I define me ? Is this me ? Is this what I’m supposed to be or was I destined for something else ? Is anything predestined at all or do you chose your own fate? Is there a way to undo your decisions or are there some invisible hands at work to make you chose the path you chose,relating back to the predestined effect !!

I’ve heard so many times- You get what you deserve- everything is pre-ordained and laid out for you the moment you arrive in this world !!

How much of it is true ? How much are the “ deserve “ and “ preordained “ parts connected to each other ?

So, what enamoured me in Mr.Frost’s poetry for so long was just a fantastical world of my own ? Are there or aren’t there two choices a person can get, and once he choses one of them, he pines for the other one for the rest of his life …or is it that however multiple choices you get, you always end up in walking those paths which you were destined for …with your thoughts,desires,exercises, essays playing no part in it whatsoever ?

Even if you think and plan that “ you have miles to go before you sleep “, the dead end might just be around the corner !!

If such is the true yet hushed up picture, is this the farthest I go ? Or am I to still await my arrival ?

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  1. hi sulagna,
    this is a very interesting topic...predestiny...according to a great yogi my hubby reads articles about....actually life is predestined 90% and free will is 10% but that 10% will be your choice to react to the situation...which means you still control your life with your attitude. Life has never been a bed of roses and if it is a illusion we live with...attitude is altitude so dream big with your 10% free will and when the opportunity knows you will be ready to react in a positive way...this is why some people in the face of difficulty can overcome any situation with a positive attitude. Predestiny is real and as we sow we shall reap life after good every living being and creature and you will be rewarded with a blissfull life. Reincarnation theory is real and we are just reaping our good thank yourself for all the good you have done in your previous life and are predestined to live a full life.

    you have so many articles and it was predestined i will find you : )i still got to read all your articles i liked the bowerbird that courts for it love by building a nest with lovely presentation...keep in touch