Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Summer !!

If you look at something as simple as a foliage,you can sometimes perceive so many of God’s creation in one single glance- A dainty cobweb, probably spun by a spider named Charlotte, raindrops and sun playing whimsically, in sync on them and on the berries studded neatly in between the bunches of beautifully arranged leaves !!

It’s full-blown summer –something is bursting with abundance ,some are shriveling up ….There are a bunch of turtles who are playing hide-n-seek when the sun is at it’s highest …..The fishes are having a blast in the murky waters of the lake,insects and dragonflies are buzzing around,the band of duckling are following their mom’s trail in foraging ….You look at all these and feel that you had to be here today to appreciate the harmony of nature…God has bestowed everyone of us with providence and to take control,you have to be out there and watch them do whatever they do best and let them continue to do that for ages to come ~ ~

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  1. hi sulagna,

    I totally agree with you that life is bursting in all its glory in this summer we as a spectator should not miss it...

    the best part i like of nature is its ability to provide us without expecting anything from us...i think nature is telling us silently to keep giving and you will blossom like me.

    i enjoyed ur lovely post ... thank u dear for your lovely comments on my blog which means a lot to me...keep in touch