Friday, August 6, 2010

~ ~ Sounds of Silence ~ ~

Deprivation of this sound of silence,atleast for this part of the day,would perhaps drive me crazy...The stillness of the water...agitated occasionally by sudden ripples and a “blob-glob“ sound of something dropping  from those trees, hugging the banks of the lake…..And sometimes  a bird cries out from somewhere,breaking the deep silence ….Or the sombre tune of the  lull- not even a leaf is shaking - followed by the pitter-patter of the raindrops,out of nowhere...Or a sudden splash,bringing you back to the present - A turtle slid back into the waters..The call of crickets, signaling the oncoming dusk ~ These are sounds orchestrated by nature ~ All these sounds,piercing the silence..are agreeable to me….. And as the darkness draws in, the unfathomable sound of the dark,grave waters and the macrocosm gone to rest,for the day...energizing for morrow’s mundane affairs ~

I want the rest of the world-who are awake and busy, to keep quiet,put their systems on idle-atleast for this part of the day…and listen to these sounds ~ ~

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