Sunday, May 30, 2010

Regrets & dreads !!

Something my better-half told me made me think ~ about the mysteries of this world…When a chubby nestling listens to all those stories the grandma-bird tells her, does it wonder like we did as kids ? When granny recollects her memories of flying around, alighting in the boughs of the woodland, of all those tall trees and all those benighted mornings bcoz of all those trees, of amassing food not as time-consuming as today,of all those romantic springtime evenings spent with grandpa in the efflorescence !!

The nestling looks around,half-timid, half-confused…the world outside her nest seemed so bountiful to her, so inviting, so abundantly lush…but now she knows what it used to be like, what she couldn’t get to see ~ When it’ll be her time to tell stories, how will the world outside the nest look like …or an even more scarier thought- Will there be any nest at all ? Grandma said monsters called “ men “ are bringing down all the forests to make places for themselves or building “ highways “ through them…Very soon,they won’t know how to go to the other side or migrate, without getting lost, due to all these

" fragmentations "!!

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