Sunday, May 30, 2010

The untold tales !!

I’m thinking of those cave paintings~ the ones I came across on our trip to Bhimbetka when I was fourteen as well as the ones I’ve seen in books ~ Like a child drawing in the dirt with a stick, was it yet another leisurely amusement or an expression of the state of one’s mind, of fears, of dreams, of hopes and expectations, of love and life …..Or was it a mode of telling a story, almost like writing a daily journal…whenever something significant happened,whenever there was something they wanted to tell everyone aloud….they painted..which is one of the most beautiful way to articulate the musings of one’s mind ~ Specially because thousands of years later, we see them although we still don’t know what they wanted to tell and why they chose this mode- there is something so clandestine about all this and in what physical and mental state they were in, when they painted !!

And all these paintings, that too with pigments that were part of the earth itself-mineral oxides,leaves,flowers,barks and so on ~ Living in harmony with the mother earth, on which they were so very dependent in their day to day lives…..This rare art form- is it an Arcanum and almost lost …..or do artists know them ?

For all those seeking out the enigmatic world , for those first explorers and discoverers who came across these bewitching caves paintings, they must have felt like finding the Shangri-La !!

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