Wednesday, June 23, 2010

~ Cloud 9 ~ Heaven 7 ~

The bestower smiled….And she was in cloud 9, Heaven 7-whatever that means !!

You don’t know u possess a certain property, unless others tell u so…..and when there is a commendation from the very bestower of such property, u know what heaven looks like-right here on this earth ~ ~

When the ocean praises the river about it’s journey and the lush vegetations which it created on it’s sides ~ or the rain and the snow, which gave birth to the river ~ The river perhaps, feels the same way as you feel now…Although it might have taken a different route, a different journey than it’s creator …the very stamina,the way it could curve the banks and deposit the alluvium was due to all those who shaped it’s physics and determined the course it would take ~ ~

And so when that very creator compliments, there’s no looking back and no need to go searching for happiness anywhere else ….It is here,it is this,this is it ~ ~

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