Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A Confidant in the making !!

Been confiding in my sibling for so long, I never felt the urge or need of a female companion,like sisters…who confide in each other – until I found you !! And now I know so many things for sure ~ I know that this companionship is unique, many cherished for such but never found one~ I know even if I had a sister,I might not have formed such a bridge between our hearts~I know with passing time our love and respect will grow~

With marriage, came the marriage of minds apt,so glorified by so many and yet not overrated at all ….

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  1. woww..great lines, so true indeed.I also feel that our friendship is unique & everlasting. Together, we will be able to cross all hurdles & challenges of life.Thank you so much for being with me, encouraging me, & protecting me in every way.