Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Looking beyond ~ ~

Almost anything and everything is beautiful when looked thru’ the eyes of an artist….Photography is one such medium thru’ which u can capture the happenings around u, animate and inanimate , the way u see it and the way it’s supposed to be seen by u and how u want the others to see it !!

For there aren’t many people who can paint the essence of a subject or objectify the true meaning of an emotion …in it’s true colors- but in a click they can get near to their goal much faster and easily, much easily than wielding a brush and a palette !!

Photography for me is not only capturing the outer beauty of a subject , as I see it…but also capturing the inner beauty, as I feel it ….looking beyond more than u can normally see ~ ~

Never in a loss of subjects and beauty in everything u see, touch and feel ~ that’s art for me and photography comes to me more naturally than the stroke of a brush ~ ~

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