Thursday, May 27, 2010

A cold war !!

A trail of ants climbing down the sink….targeting the lonely spoon,which still tasted of amaretto icecream, although thoroughly licked off !! A sudden gust of water from my glass and they all wash away …What did the leader think when the first drop of water hit ? “ Run for ur lives guys…..flash flood !! Where on earth did all this rain come from ? ****#$@ “

I would never know and I’ll always wonder what the creatures think about our different actions-from the tiny ones to the big dudes !!

Does it make any sense to your neighbor’s dog, when u make faces at her or show her that “ slapping “ sign….with her name being “ Icecream “ and all, and she being so cute and fluffy, it always fun messing with a dog,and of course “ FROM A SAFE DISTANCE”…Mmmmm, like she being down there and u being up on ur balcony,safe…making all the faces and hand gestures u can !! Yay !! Apart from all the achievements you might feel, she actually might be getting pretttty worked up from down there and planning revenge that next time you come down,thinking " Not so funny u clumsy Homo sapiens, I'm gonna bite everything out of you the next time you're around and I'm not on a leash !! "

And what about, when u talk sweet to those ducks while feeding them your stale bread,with all your love,like you’re feeding them bbq chicken-fresh off the grill ..No wonder,whenever you go down those stairs,they come rushing from god only knows where, and make such terrifying faces..Well, You would think that they recognise you as the lady with all the love and the bread..A part of it is true..They do recognise you alright ..but not for the second part of the sentence..but as “ the lady who gave us the stomach flu..God only knows what she feeds us !! We won’t let her sweet-talk us into eating anything from her hands, ever again ….”

Ohh…what a mess !! We have cold wars with our friends,relatives,siblings..and now with animals and birds as well ???????? What the $#$#%#% !!

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