Thursday, May 27, 2010

An itch to write

Why do I write ? Why to write at all and then display it publicly ? Am I so hungry for attention and commendation !! Well, actually the opposite..I’ve lots of thoughts and ideas..My mind wonders and wanders about very frequently, often to faraway lands…And then I feel like talking,expressing,opining, saying,discussing …and what is the best way to do that ?! To write, about anything and everything….and get it off your chest..Actually it’s a miracle worker for me…when I’m happy, I write..and when I’m sad, I write some more..It works like a charm everytime. And since most of this “ talk “ is going on within your own self,with you and your mind doing all the talking…it’s peaceful and inspite of all the debates,it’s resolved easily..much easily than open, verbal talks.

The first time I wrote publicly…I felt so very apprehensive…I didn’t even want my close ones to read it…Now, it’s actually easy for me..since I know my dear ones will never give any negative feedback and apart from them, I think hardly anyone reads my posts ..and those who do, don’t know me or even if they do, whatever their opinion is, they will keep it to themselves !! Uff, what a relief ~

So, whenever I get this itch to write….I scratch it hard, type up a storm on my keyboard and feel at peace :-)

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