Thursday, May 27, 2010

Reminisce and relive !!

How do u remember someone ? The easiest instruments to help reminisce are photographs,thoughts and discussion of times gone by and well-spent !! Some old dresses and accessories which belonged to someone else and have been passed down to you…everytime you feel them against your skin, you think of them~~

All the old places you visited-revisiting them..all the old smells,perfume,fragrances-smelling them again…The food which tastes so much like it used to, in old times-tasting that food~~

More often than not, recreating old recipes in your own kitchen…even if they might not taste the same when you prepare them, pulls you back into an ocean of memories …How you licked every bit off your fingers when “ she “ made them~ Was it during the summer vacations ? What else did we have ? What else we did, talked…what did “ she “ say, how “ she “ loved us…how we spent so much quality time together,creating material things which are eventually lost with time and creating emotional bonds,which will never be lost,however old they might get ~~~~

And sometimes, even if you go back to that same old place, you just can’t relive those days..not because of anything else but because the person you want to revisit those memories with, is long gone away, to a faraway land….never to come back,ever again.

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